Economic responsibility

HKScan’s strategic objective is profitable growth. During the past few years, the Group’s legal structure and production set-up has been simplified and streamlined. These actions together with successful working capital management have strengthened the Group’s balance sheet, which is now strong. A compact package of key data about HKScan Group can be found in this report or on our website HKScan fact sheet on our website.

Thanks to the above-mentioned measures, HKScan has been able to place more focus on upgrading its production plants and technologies. In 2015, the Group decided to invest in a new poultry production facility in Rauma, Finland. The project is among the most significant production-related investments in HKScan’s history to date.

From the very outset of planning, corporate responsibility aspects have been taken into account. Key priorities on the agenda have included animal welfare, biosecurity issues related to the risk of animal diseases, food safety and product quality, as well as employee health and safety. Additionally, the investment will in general improve our environmental efficiency, enable us to utilize side-streams more efficiently for the production of biotech products, and it will also have significant direct and indirect employment impacts.

In 2015, HKScan invested in its export business by establishing a local sales office in Hong Kong. Having a local presence on the Asian market will be critical in order to enhance the value of the Group’s export business. Read more on our website.

The Group is closely affiliated with local primary production on its home markets, either through long-term cooperation contracts, or direct ownership (in Estonia). We continually strive to improve primary production’s productivity, cost efficiency and competitiveness through systematic and close cooperation with our producers. Read more on our website.

Regular monitoring and forecasting of feed and other raw material prices enables us to better predict the economic impact of any changes in the supply chain. The long-term profitability of the entire food chain, especially of primary production, is a critical topic that is always high on our agenda. Watch the video about primary production development.

HKScan’s production facilities are located in its home markets, where it is also an important employer. Sound profitability also serves the interests of its stakeholders.