Stakeholder’s expectationsHKScan’s expectations
Consumers Tasty, safe and healthy products. Information, opportunity to provide feedback, confidence in responsible products and the company’s policies. Increase in appreciation of and trust in HKScan and its products.


  • Retail
  • Food service
  • Exports
  • Industry
Reliable business partnerships, comprehensive product portfolio and brands, product quality and safety, responsible products, information exchange, joint development projects. Reliable business partnerships, growth in sales value and volume of both parties, information exchange, joint development projects.
Owners, investors and financiers Added value for owners, a true and fair view of the company’s operations and finances. Success and continuity of responsible operations of the company. Creation of added value, secure financing and high levels of confidence.
Producers Long-lasting contractual business relationships, producer advice and other services, fair prices for produced raw material, secure meat production continuity. Contractual and uninterrupted supply of meat raw material at market rates. Good animal welfare and quality of meat.
Personnel and potential recruits Continuity of employment, fair remuneration, appreciation of work and fair treatment, personal development opportunities and safe workplace. Work input, strengthening of corporate culture and creation of common practices, improvement of competence.


  • National government
  • Local authorities
Statutory cooperation, monitoring, information and opinion exchange, enforcement of mandatory requirements. Ensuring uninterrupted operations, securing operations subject to licence, statutory cooperation. Influencing industry issues also on an international level.

Media and opinion leaders

  • Special interest groups and NGOs
  • Parties and political actors
Information about the company, its operations and events, expertise, responsible operations, continuous development of industry-related aspects. Provision of open and fact-based information about the company and the industry, joint industry development projects.


  • Subcontractors
  • Suppliers
  • Business partners
  • Research and training institutions
  • Local communities
Long-lasting contractual business and cooperation relationships. Joint development of operations utilizing HKScan’s expertise. Long-lasting contractual business and cooperation relationships. Joint development of operations utilizing partners’ expertise.

Stakeholder cooperation and communications

Meeting stakeholders’ expectations, creating value for our stakeholders and ensuring open, transparent communications form the core of our corporate responsibility work. An example of our stakeholder communications is our producer magazine published in Finland and Sweden.

Cooperation with different operators in our value chain and other stakeholders, such as suppliers, authorities, various organizations and research institutes, has broadened our insight into corporate responsibility aspects that are relevant in our operational environment and for our stakeholders.

We want to promote cooperation and communication with our stakeholders by collaborating with communities and other organizations and by addressing new initiatives both locally and globally.

In 2015, for example we made our food production chain familiar to the public in Finland. As part of our ‘chicken patrol’ project, we offered consumers the opportunity to visit our chicken farms and become involved in new product development. We also developed our feed business in Sweden, see the press release.