Consolidated balance sheet at 31 December
(EUR million)
Note31 Dec. 201531 Dec. 2014
Intangible assets10.69.168.9
Tangible assets12.361.8369.7
Shares in associates and joint ventures14.23.322.7
Trade and other receivables15.5.37.2
Available-for-sale investments15.13.313.2
Deferred tax asset16.29.733.6
Non-current assets580.7590.7
Trade and other receivables18.122.9122.2
Income tax receivable18.0.00.2
Cash and bank19.9.516.4
Current assets256.6264.3
Assets of disposal group classified as held for sale20.0.09.4
Share capital21.66.866.8
Share premium reserve21.72.972.9
Treasury shares21.-0.0-0.0
Fair value reserve and other reserves21.141.3140.9
Translation differences21.-3.7-6.3
Retained earnings21.134.7162.2
Equity attributable to equity holders of the parent412.0436.5
Non-controlling interests13.88.7
Deferred tax liability16.20.224.9
Non-current interest-bearing liabilities24.117.2121.8
Non-current non-interest-bearing liabilities24.0.30.1
Non-current provisions23.0.10.1
Pension obligations22.18.815.7
Non-current liabilities156.6162.6
Current interest-bearing liabilities24.36.636.4
Trade and other payables24.217.1216.3
Income tax liability24.0.90.0
Current provisions23.0.43.1
Current liabilities255.0255.8
Liabilities of disposal group classified as held for sale20.0.00.8
Equity and liabilities837.3864.3
The notes 1–30 form an integral part of the consolidated financial statements.