Consolidated cash flow statement
(EUR million)
Profit/Loss for the period1.857.2
Cash flow before change in net working capital78.152.6
Change in net working capital0.86.5
Other changes-3.07.7
Interest paid-10.0-17.7
Other financial expenses paid-8.4-14.4
Interest received2.13.1
Other financial income received6.811.8
Dividends received1.014.6
Income taxes paid-0.6-1.0
Cash flow from operating activities (A)66.863.3
Total investments-51.2-68.2
Total sales of assets13.5201.1
Acquisition of subsidiary, net of cash acquired-5.4-1.0
Disposal of subsidiary, net of cash0.03.9
Loan receivables, borrowings and repayments1.3-0.2
Cash flow from investing activities (B)-41.8135.7
Increase in other reserves0.10.0
Proceed from external borrowings62.8126.3
Repayment of external borrowings-67.2-370.4
Payment of finance lease liabilities--0.0
Dividends paid-26.7-6.1
Cash flow from financing activities (C)-31.0-250.2
Net cash flow (A+B+C)-6.0-51.2
Cash and cash equivalents, end balance9.516.4
Cash and cash equivalents, opening balance16.468.7
Effect of changes in exchange rates-1.0-1.0
The notes 1–30 form an integral part of the consolidated financial statements.