22. Pension obligations
Pension liability / receivable in balance sheet
Defined benefit plans17.614.6
Other long-term employee benefits1.11.1
Pension liability (+) / receivable(-) in balance sheet18.815.7
Change in liabilities / receivables arising from defined benefit plans in the financial period
Balance on 1 Jan.14.68.4
Defined benefit pension expense in income statement1.71.0
Payments into the pension plan-0.6-0.9
Actuarial changes2.06.2
Liabilities / receivables at end of financial period17.614.6
The Group’s defined benefit plans consist of the pension liability for the former CEO of the parent company and the Swedish pension programme. The company’s pension commitment in respect of the defined benefit relating to the former CEO was EUR 2.9 million on 31 December 2015. The remaining pension liability relates to the Swedish pension programme.