8. Income taxes
Income taxes20152014
Income tax on ordinary operations-1.4-0.7
Tax for previous financial periods-0.10.0
Change in deferred tax liabilities and assets1.26.6
Income tax on ordinary operations-0.35.9
Cumulative tax rate reconciliation
Accounting profit/loss before taxes2.251.2
Deferred tax at parent company's tax rate-0.4-10.5
Effect of different tax rates applied to foreign subsidiaries-0.10.5
Share of associates' results0.62.3
Tax-exempt income-0.015.2
Non-deductible expenses-0.3-1.5
Use of tax losses not recognised earlier0.10.0
Unrecognised tax on the losses for the financial period0.0-0.1
Tax for previous financial periods-0.10.0
Adjustments concerning previous financial periods-0.0-0.0
Effect of change in tax rate-0.00.0
Tax expenses in the income statement-0.35.9